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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

happy anniversary GC!!
yesterday we celebrated GC's 1st year anniversary and it is one hell of an anniversary!

it was fun iceskating w/ GC and it was fun swimming with them at ate noey's pool XD hahahaa yeah!! we swam and swam all night long!! XD XD hahaahahhahaha too bad other GC peepz wasn't able to come to the party but hey! it was fun alright!! :) also, some GC newbs..

though some problems came and try to steal the fun... (I don't want to talk about it) GC managed to regain all the fun and I was one of the happiest person there. And to think the father of all communities; Kuya Ronald Guanzon, attended our GC party! hahahahha i can't really believe it!

GC's 1 year old and we are going strong and growing and growing and growing!! hahahahah

goodluck to me.. XD

once again... HAPPY BIRTHDAY GC!!!
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Saturday, April 15, 2006

new layout
yeaboi!! hahaha finally! a new layout! and made by me!! :D


I found this blog in blogskins and I find it bad... so I just trimmed it a bit.. hahha credits for the Stratocaster by Fender... :) my dream guitar... :) :)

this blog is now entitled Written Melancholy w/c Melancholy is a word similar to sorrow, depression, and sadness... (well in my own understanding) well guys! hope you like my new blog!! :)


There's this girl whom I like BUT she likes somebody else though! manthe same incident, I like somebody.. she likes somebody else. This is Shit... Damn meh.. >< not again.. too bad for me though, but I won't give up. while there's a will... there's a way. I really wish it works this time. (crosses fingers)...

I said the worst.
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Sunday, March 26, 2006

4th year is nearing... 3rd year is ending...

oh well.. thesis, and other pain in the ass are coming.... but hell who cares anyway?? hahahaha

lately... I've been so lazy updating my blog.. ahahahaha dunno why either.. :) its okay..

here comes SONAR!! CAT batch 2006 Corps. Commander <-- highest rank you'll ever get in CAT/COCC wahahahaha.. yeaboi! finally my hardwork sa paid off! wahooo!! hahahahahah yea yea yea!! excited for my 4th year..

Im aiming for a slot at the top notchers in class this coming 4th year... LOL mom will go home here to attend my graduation so I definetely NEED to get serious... and GET MY title back.. hahahaha oh well..

but after that.. Farewell to my friends.. I'll be spending my whole 6 years in the US to study there.. and it is kinda sad.. for ill leave my friends behind.. but hey! It's too early to say goodbye isn't it! might as well enjoy my last year here in the Philippines.. Hopefuly I wish it will be fun.. hopefuly....
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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I am Doomed..

been a long time since i updated this blog

LOL now im updated!
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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I wish I knew how to use witchcraft

so that I could kill anyone who stands in my way... All the things running through my head, all the things.. killing me.. I can't take it... Kill.. reap... tear...

stubborn bitch.... I'll kill you...

I definetely need a psychiatrist... dont mind me guys
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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

damn again
my mom hasn't sent money for us to use.. we are close to dying.. that's why I choose to stay at home rather than to go to school now...

we don't know how or where will we get money.. It hurts to say that if this keeps going on.. I'll have to find a job...

I am close to breaking and down and crying.. and I don't really know what to do.. but please if you have time.. please pray for our damned soul...

This maybe the start of our real nightmare....
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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I can't talk...... REALLY!!!

LOL... I really can't think well right now.. Dunno, it's maybe becoz im so hungry.. :( lol ahahaha

anyways. the weather is fine.. NOT!! it is very hot and Im going to Melt in this kind of weather. Damn! wish my room's airconditioned so that I'll never go out of my house and stay here all day long! LOL nah but even if I had that, I coudn't resist the urge to go to GC's gatherings and stuff.. ya know.. LOL I am a sociable person. but still there's something inside me that makes solitude a good matter and a sense of happiness and bliss to my melancholic pesonality..

Being alone.. LOL what I can say about that. :D well, When i was a child I was always left alone in our apartment while my beloved mom works for our daily living. LOL well.. though I have many toys, I managed to be alone and yep.. I got used to it by that time.. ahahaha and as a typical child I play w/ my toys all day w/c makes my mom, neighbors that I was a retard... OT/Auty whattever you want to call it.. -__-

lol junior high days = already over.. hahaha very fun very fun... close to being a senior hahaha.. LOL the most enjoying high school year of my life.. comes to an end. It really does tell that "Time flies when you are enjoying" agree?? :)

and Oh yeah.. its valentines today.. speaking of valentines.. I haven't experienced dating in valentines day.. or I haven't experienced dating since birth! LOL ahaha.. they say teens should enjoy their years. dating and such.. LOL i wanna try that but.. hell! I can't seem to find out HOW will I date her.. I mean. I'm not shy to ask but, Is she free that day? or how and where will I date her? lol but there are many more valentines to come.. ahaha might as well greet her or be sorry ahaha.. na joke.. ^__^

hhayy.. I wanted to try things but I can't find opportunity though.. my life's really miserable and sad.. I can't find contentment.. LOL things keep bugging me.. I really think Im going insane.. I wanted to close my eyes but everytime I close it this problems I see.. Even in the presence of my friends my heart still can't find time to relax and enjoy life.. It justs wanted to get out of me.. find another body and leaving me w/o a heart nor a soul.. -__- this is really bad... the ending of this suffering that i've been waiting for a long time doesn't seem to come and bring me so much joy, happiness and contentment.. as simple as that.. lol mood change? from joyful to melancholic expressions of disaster and mess.. LOL "Under the smiles and cheerful attitude lies a great sadness no one can ever take"

so many pressure.... but after all those shit that happened to me.. I don't feel like celebrating the day of hearts today.. just an ordinary day to me..

but still...

happy valentines to all of you.
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